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vitellus, yolk - nutritive material of the ovum saved with the nutrition of the embryo (In particular the yellow mass of the hen or reptile egg)

The food is too salty → هَذا الطَعَامُ مالِحٌ أَكْثَرُ مِنْ اللازِمِ → Jídlo je přesolené → Maden er for salt → Das Essen ist zu salzig → Το φαγητό είναι πολύ αλμυρό → La comida está excesivamente salada → Ruoka on liian suolaista → Les plats sont trop salés → Jelo je preslano → Il cibo è troppo salato → 食べ物に塩味がききすぎています → 음식이 너무 짜요 → Het eten is te zout → Maten er for salt → To jedzenie jest przesolone → A comida está salgada demais → Еда пересолена → Maten är för salt → อาหารเค็มเกินไป → Yemek çok tuzlu → Thức ăn mặn quá → 菜太咸

As Formerly discussed, the human body is intended by normal assortment to appreciate sweet and fattening foods for evolutionary diets, perfect for hunters and gatherers. Hence, sweet and fattening foods in nature are usually uncommon and are really pleasurable to take in.

to keep sb posted (on or about sth) → tener or mantener a algn al corriente or al tanto or informado (de algo)

/information /verifyErrors This is the good example of how the term is used. The word in the instance sentence would not match the entry term.

Other carcinogens determined in food include things like heterocyclic amines generated in meat when cooked at substantial temperature, polyaromatic hydrocarbons in charred meat and smoked fish, and nitrosamines produced from nitrites used as food preservatives in cured meat for instance bacon.[a hundred forty five]

Any thoughts while in the examples don't depict the belief of เบิร์นไขมัน your Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge College Push or its licensors. Extra illustrations Much less illustrations Initially, we scored all functions as getting a still left-ideal position equal to its imply worth in excess of all the post

Its function is to comprehend points of friction for the duration of your take a look at which will notify potential enhancements or initiate added support options.

slop - (ordinarily plural) weak or watery unappetizing food or consume; "he lived on the thin slops that food kitchens delivered"

Nonetheless, you are able to prefer to use whichever Edition with the address you like where by solutions are shown.

Several organisations have started contacting to get a new sort of agriculture in which agroecosystems give food but additionally guidance very important ecosystem companies to make sure that soil fertility and biodiversity are maintained as opposed to compromised.

Wholesome Habits Full-Grain Recipes Everyone knows complete grains are very good for us, but we’ve collected the best whol... Everyone knows complete grains are great for us, but we’ve gathered the top entire-grain recipes to make them a daily element of your cooking regimen.

These substances may be both accessible food merchandise or non-food objects. Among meat and meat solutions a number of the merchandise accustomed to adulterate are water or ice, carcasses, or carcasses of animals besides the animal meant to be eaten.[13]

[ C ] a vertical adhere or pole trapped into the bottom, normally to assist anything or present a situation

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